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FarmShare, C.S.A.

C.S.A. stands for "Community Supported Agriculture," a nationwide movement linking local consumers and farmers into communities. Built on a foundation of mutual support, Applecrest's FarmShare creates a direct relationship between you and our farm.

In exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm's bounty, we in turn dedicate ourselves to you. We're your family farmer, planting, cultivating and harvesting exceptional produce expressly for your table. The "share" represents our commitment, taking form as a weekly delivered box abundant with super fresh, hand-picked fruits and veggies. It represents the absolute best our farm has to offer, the tastiest and most nutritious local food to be had.

It's a profound thing to belong to a CSA – to choose and invest yourself in a community, to intimately know the plot of land your food came from and the farmer who grew it, to eat in harmony with the seasons and to enjoy a delicious, healthy diet of pure, fresh foods.

We encourage you to take a moment, peruse our site and consider joining our FarmShare family.

Sincerely, Farmers Pete & Todd

Applecrest Farm | 133 Exeter Road (Rt.88) | Hampton Falls, NH 03844 | Phone 603.926.3721 | info@applecrest.com