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Pick Your Own

Every year, we open our farm to the community in the hopes you'll join us in the unique and undeniable joy of harvesting your very own fruit directly from our fields and orchards.

PYO is done for the season. We hope to see you back next year! 

During the week, please be sure to register at the main farm stand before heading out to pick.  A variety of take-away containers will always be made available.  Those wishing to use their own container, please be sure to have it weighed PRIOR to picking.  For the health and safety of all, please be reminded that pets are disallowed in the berry patches.
View the guide to see what we currently offer for Pick-Your-Own fruit.  Please be aware that this is only a "guide". Actual picking dates can vary with weather and seasonal fluctuations. For up-to-the-minute weather and picking information including specific varieties currently available, please call the Farm Market. 

PYO Apples

CLOSED for the season

Thanks for all those who came and picked!

November 12, 2019



Pick Your Own Calendar

Apples (mid-August thru end-October)
Our roots and our namesake. 220 sprawling acres of orchards with over 40 distinct varieties. Click here for a list of varieties and when they mature. Sold by the peck & ½ bushel.

Strawberries (mid-June thru mid-July)
Four rolling acres of juicy berries and a spring-fed pond provide the backdrop for fun filled hours of picking. Over a dozen varieties, including: Cavendish, Honeoye, Annapolis, Evangaline, Seneca, Cabot & Eros. Containers provided or bring your own. Sold by-the-pound.

Blueberries (early-July thru mid-August)
Three acres of easy-picking, our cultivated high-bush blues are brimming w/ berries. Varieties include: Bluecrop, Earliblue, BlueRay, Berkeley & Jersey. Containers provided or bring your own. Sold by-the-pound.

Peaches, Nectarines & Pears (early-August thru mid-September)
Who says peaches only grow in Georgia? Our tree-ripened peaches are ridiculously juicy with gorgeous color and incredible flavor… truly the summer fruit. Over twenty yellow and white varietals, including: Sugar May, White Lady, Red Haven, Garnet Beauty, Harko & Mericrest. Our bags, sold by the peck.

Fall Raspberries (mid-August thru late-September)
Just when you thought summer was over. Varieties include: Kiwigold, Polana & Sweet Caroline. Containers provided. Sold by the ½ pint.

Pumpkins & Gourds (late-August thru end-October)
Acres and acres of big orange fun. Minis (kids love ‘em), Sugar Pumpkins (great for pies) and traditional old jack-o-lanterns. Sold by-the-pound.

NOTE: Mother Nature is ever unreliable. These PYO schedules give approximate seasonal ripening dates. As always, please call ahead for up-to-the-minute weather and picking conditions.

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